Firefighters Without Borders is an organization dedicated to helping fire departments around the world get a “hand up” so they’re prepared to deal with the next emergency – big or small. Through teamwork and training, a shared hope and confidence is realized and a strong fire organization and community is built.

Firefighters Without Borders believes in sustainability and we achieve that goal in several ways. As each project is specific to the needs of the community, we work closely with the team on the ground to build a strategic plan addressing the communities needs and goals, be it training, equipment or a mix of both. We ensure that all equipment donated for the project is safe and in good working order, and that they have the means to ensure it remains that way once we leave. Our courses are all taught to a recognized industry standard, in a train the trainer format, to ensure they have lasting impact and can be extended out past the immediate group to a much broader team of firefighters. Finally, we provide ongoing teaching and technical support between visits and after the project is technically complete. We’re here for our firefighter brothers and sisters when they need us to ensure they can continue to protect their community.