Providing the skills and confidence to the instructors to ensure the training is replicated effectively and in a sustainable way.

First Aid and CPR

Learning first aid and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) provides confidence in a medical emergency. Knowing what to do when someone has a stroke or heart attack is critical. This course provides the knowledge needed to react responsibly and appropriately in an emergency. We offer two courses, including an 8 hour (one day) course covering basic CPR and First Aid and a more in-depth 40 hour course, more appropriate to emergency responders.  Both courses are taught to internationally recognized standards.

Hazardous Materials Response

There are tens of thousands of chemicals in the world. Some harmless. Some deadly. Learning to identify what happened and mitigate the impact is the focus of our HazMat training. Several levels of Hazardous Materials training can be provided. All of these are taught to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 472 standards.  These courses can be tailored to your specific needs and the needs of your team. Awareness, Operations and Technician Modules can be provided.

Vehicle Extrication

An estimated 1.25 million deaths are caused by road traffic injuries around the globe according to the World Health Organization. Knowing how to safely remove individuals quickly using the right tools is essential. We offer two courses in vehicle rescue and extrication.  Vehicle Extrication Basics will include modules on scene safety, scene stabilization, knowledge of basic tools and tool proficiency, utilizing both hand tool and power tool applications as well as a covering a variety of extrication techniques. Advanced Vehicle Extrication will cover the basics as well as rescue techniques for responders with access to specialized rescue equipment, such as hydraulic rams and pressurized air bags.

Incident Management Systems (IMS)

Being able to smoothly facilitate communication, response activities and cooperation between teams and organizations ensures rapid response when and where it’s needed. Our IMS training provides a standardized approach to emergency management with courses ranging from introductory level to those designed for management of large scale incidents.

Fire Suppression Techniques

Being able to extinguish a fire in the shortest period of time with minimum or resources is a indispensable skill of all fire services. Our Basic Fire Suppression course is taught to internationally recognized standards with modules covering hose streams, ropes and knots, ladders, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and more. Based on the equipment your team has available we can customize the course to your needs.

Vehicle and Small Engine Maintenance

These courses are designed to enhance the ability of emergency responders to operate and maintain their apparatus, pumps and small engines.  Our instructors work with the equipment your team has on hand to promote sustainability in equipment maintenance and repair.

Public Education in Fire Prevention

Firefighters Without Borders believes strongly in promoting fire prevention at all levels. We provide support and instruction to enable our partnering departments to provide public education to both children and adults.  Materials from internationally recognized programs in a variety of languages are available.