Equipment Donation

Donate gently used firefighting and medical equipment.

Firefighters Without Borders has an ongoing and urgent need for firefighting gear and medical equipment.  If you have a surplus or used but serviceable equipment, please consider a donation to Firefighters Without Borders.  We will ensure the gear and/or equipment is provided to fire service responders where it’s needed in Canada or around the world. Waivers of Liability can be issued where requested. Thank you!

 To our American friends – Firefighters Without Borders is grateful for your interest in donating to our cause. We are a Canadian-based organization, able to collect equipment nationally, with warehouses in Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario. At present we are not able to accept donations from the United States unless you are able to ship it to us at either location. As our organization grows we hope to have the ability to collect equipment across the United States. Please stay in touch – you never know what the future will bring!  

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Firefighter Protective ClothingPersonal Safety EquipmentUniform ClothingMedical EquipmentSelf-Contained Breating ApparatusTechnical Rescue EquipmentFire Suppression EquipmentLaddersHazardous Materials EquipmentFire Prevention/Public Education MaterialsOther (please include details below.)