With 42 road deaths for every 100,000 inhabitants the Dominican Republic is the second deadliest nation anywhere for drivers. Providing fast, effective first response is critical to saving more lives. Firefighters Without Borders had the honour of working with Rescate Ambar, a 100% volunteer rescue organization, which provides the nearly 300,000 people community of Puerto Plata and its’ surrounding area with that critical first response. Rescate Amber currently receives little or no financial support from the government and as the only public based organization that services the city, the organization has its challenges. To help address these needs and better equip these local heroes, our team of emergency-service trained volunteers provided a 5-day comprehensive vehicle extrication and patient care training session, from November 4th to 8th, 2017. In addition, the team donated helmets, medical masks, extrication equipment, cervical collars, and medical bags, amongst many more items valued at over $15,000.

The job is far from over. The training and equipment that FWB provided gives Rescate Ambar several tools to address its many challenges, but more is needed. Our goal is to continue to equip these heroes with life-saving training and supplies, but we need your help. For how to help in our mission, click here to donate.

We wish to especially thank Mark Bone, our project partner. Mark, a Toronto Filmmaker approached us to be part of this project after witnessing the life-saving work Rescate Ambar does in the community. Mark’s short documentary, Rescate can be found here

Learn more and watch the film at: https://www.rescatethefilm.com

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